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0837 AVRANCHES - from Rognvald and Rollo to William d'Avranches

The Houghams are descendants of the d'Avranches.

If you accept the link from the Houghams to the d' Avranches, this is where we can say the Hougham pedigree begins with any confidence. William d' Avranches is the key link. There are several links from him and his wife back to Rollo and Rognvald. In order to show these links it is easier to see them on one chart - but it is a large chart. There is a chart simplified version of this chart showing only the pedigree lines and the royal connection through Emma.

There are several points on this chart where there is doubt about the genealogical connections. In particular, was Rollo a son of Rognvald? Read the article How reliable is our data?

Given the quesion marks, this chart suggests three pedigree paths from William d'Avranches and his wife Emma de Brion back to Rognvald Eysteinsson. Rognvald had three wives/concubines, two of whom feature in the Royes-Hougham pedigree. Through Raghild/Hilda we come through the Dukes of Normandy to Emma de Brion. Through Ermina we have two links - a somewhat tenuous link to William d' Avranches, but a more substantial link through Emma's mother Albreda. In the link through William's father, Wymund/Guitmonde, there are some generations missing (unless perhaps Wymund's father is Turstain rather than Hrolf Turstan - pure speculation based on similarity in the names). The notes on Wymund are worth looking at.

The significant thing about William d'Avranches (22G grandfather of May Royes) is that this is the beginning of the long Kentish line of d'Avranches/Houghams. Saxon "hougham" and Norman "avranches" apparently mean the same thing - a town on a hill. Certainly the town of Avranches is noted for Mont St Michel (pictured). Perhaps that is the association with the names. This link to Avranches also brings you to a family tree of the Dukes of Normandy, which has information additional to the chart on this page.

You will notice a link to English royalty - Emma of Normandy (25G grandaunt to May Royes) married two English kings, Ethelred the Unready and his successor Canute. Two of her sons - Edward the Confessor and Hardicanute - also became kings. See the chart of chart English royalty.

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Avranches 0837
William the conqueror Baldwin and Albreda Normandy and Royalty William d'Avranches and Emma de Brion Hrolf Rognvald and Ermina Albreda and Baldwin Rollo and Poppa Rognvald and Ragnhild Link to 0530 Northmen Link to William d' Avranches reliabilityEmma of Normandie

Owner of originalBruce Roy
Linked toRollo, 1st Duke of Normandy; William d' Avranches; Emma de Brion; Rognvald Eysteinsson, Earl of Møre and the Orcades; Emma of Normandy

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