"Person ID","Last Name, Given Name(s)","Birth Date","Military Service: Date","Military Service: Place","Military Service","Death Date","Tree" "I1087","Russell, Desmond O'Gorman","24 Nov 1918","Abt 1939","Africa","WW2: South African Navy - North African ""Desert Rat""","1952","Roy~Royes" "I1022","Royes, Robert Claude","13 Oct 1931","1939","","WW2 Royal Australian Navy 1939 - 20 Jul 1961","18 Jun 2006","Roy~Royes" "I461","Homan, Hendrik Frank","Est 1903","Abt 1939","","WW2: presumably South African unit","Abt 1946","Roy~Royes" "I5514","Murphy, Gerald Francis Joseph","24 Jul 1901","From 1939 to 1948","","WW2: Enlisted Rosedale, QLD; service number Q208318, CMF","12 Aug 1980","Roy~Royes" "I4917","Moody, William George MC, MBE","29 Jun 1921","12 Sep 1939","Bougainville, Papua New Guinea","WW2: Enlisted 15th Battalion QX33579. 1942: Commissioned Lieutenant serving in Bougainville. 9 Jul 1945: *awarded MC. 18 Aug 1945: First Australian officer to accept the surrender of a Japanese commander in the field in the southwest Pacific. 25 Jun 1946: Discharged (26 Battalion)","28 Jun 2010","Roy~Royes" "I2127","Bogiatzis, Michael Nicholas","8 Dec 1918","8 Mar 1940","","WW2: 26 Sep 1943, Townsville, QLD. Q143360 Discharged 26 Sep 1943 Private, Reinforcements Reception Depot","5 Nov 2001","Roy~Royes" "I697","Moore, Eric Lawrence","29 Aug 1913","Between 1 Apr 1940 and 24 Aug 1945","","WW2: QX3959 Cairns, QLD. NOK Margaret Moore. Corporal, fought on Kokoda Trail Discharged 24 Aug 1945 2/23 AUS SPT PE","22 Sep 2003","Roy~Royes" "I2643","Morse, Rae Easthorpe Wynes","1 Apr 1915","5 Jun 1940","","WW2:VX22731 enlisted 5 Jun 1940 at Mildura, VIC; NOK: McGillivray Morse; Discharged 17 Aug 1945 Sergeant 2/14 Battalion","16 Aug 2008","Roy~Royes" "I5812","McLeish, William","5 Aug 1913","20 Jun 1940","","WW2: QX7874, enlisted Cairns, QLD. Next of Kin Alice McLeish. Discharged 7 Nov 1944 as Private from 2/125 Aust Base Ordnance Workshop","13 Jul 1993","Roy~Royes" "I2270","Healey, Lawrence Willmer","19 Apr 1906","1 Jul 1940","","WW2: Reg No 38808 Unit: 8th Inf Bde (NZ); Residence: Newbury, Palmerston North; occupation: tiler; NOK wife V.M. Healey","24 May 1986","Roy~Royes" "I894","Royes, Cyril George","29 May 1916","15 Jul 1940","","WW2: #POW QX11344 from Home Hill, QLD. NOK Sydney Royes. Discharged 21 Nov 1945 Private, 10 Australian General Hospital","18 Mar 1994","Roy~Royes" "I4101","Tulloch, Ronald Laurence","22 Mar 1908","17 Jul 1940","Paddington, Sydney, NSW, Australia","#WW2 #POW (Burma Railway) Sergeant, 8th Division AIF NX58037 NOK Muriel Tulloch. Locality on enlistment: Merrylands, NSW.","5 May 1965","Roy~Royes" "I5050","West, Clarence Hamilton","11 Oct 1901","6 Nov 1940","Atherton, QLD, Australia","WW2: enlisted. QX45905. NOK Doris West. Discharged 11 Feb 1947 Darwin Inf Bn. Rank: Major","25 Oct 1970","Roy~Royes" "I14","Ainsbury, Dudley Royes","1 May 1919","22 Jan 1941","Maryborough, QLD, Australia","WW2: #POW †KIA 1 Jul 1942 Papua New Guinea.
There are two records in the WW2 Nominal Roll
Q302662 enilsted 24 Jun 1940 Miowera, QLD Next of Kin G. Ainsbury* Born 29 Nov 1919 Mount Garnet QLD Discharged 25 Sep 1940 as Private from Miowera AIF Tng Depot
QX10930 enlisted 22 Jan 1941 Maryborough, QLD. Next of kin Ainsbury, E.* Born 1 May 1919 Posting at death (1 Jul 1942): Private, 1 Independent Rifle Company.
[*Note that our Dudley has a father George and a mother Eleanor, and these two enlistments are assumed to be the same person]","1 Jul 1942","Roy~Royes" "I1812","Fleming, Raymond Charles","28 Feb 1917","Between 16 Feb 1941 and 9 Jul 1943","","#WW2: RAAF 413113 Flight Lieutenant 101 Squadron enlisted 16 Feb 1941 Sydney NOK Heather Fleming (wife) †KIA Germany","9 Jul 1943","Roy~Royes" "I77","Bourke, Leo Vincent","13 Apr 1919","17 Apr 1941","","WW2: RAAF O1118 enlisted from Millmerran, QLD. NOK Doris Bourke. Continued serving after WW2 until 20 Apr 1972 Wing Commander, Department of Air","13 Dec 1976","Roy~Royes" "I935","Royes, George Herbert","27 Sep 1921","17 Jul 1941","","WW2: RAAF 405982 Enlisted Brisbane, QLD. NOK Veronica Royes. Discharged 17 Dec 1945 Flying Officer, 105 Operational Training Unit","18 Apr 1990","Roy~Royes" "I2176","McArthur, Malcolm Hugh","13 Dec 1912","29 Aug 1941","Royal Park, Melbourne, VIC, Australia","abt 1937 Army commission, QLD
#WW2 Service No.393 (VX62682)
NOK Kathleen McArthur
Discharge: 20 Jun 1953
Rank Lieutenant Colonel
Posting at Discharge: 2/10 Armd Regt","1 Mar 1985","Roy~Royes" "I347","Green, Arthur Ernest","7 May 1921","Between 2 Oct 1941 and 20 Oct 1945","","WW2: QX39772 Cpl","2 Aug 1953","Roy~Royes" "I933","Royes, George Frederick","1 Jun 1912","17 Oct 1941","","WW2 Q32782 enlisted from Home Hill, QLD. Discharged 2 Nov 1945: Lance Sergeant, 36 Aust Infantry Battalion","1 Jun 1977","Roy~Royes" "I5419","Luther, Clive Prosdocimi","20 May 1914","9 Nov 1941","","WW2 †KIA 26 Dec 1943 Stompetoren, Holland. Enlisted 9 Nov 1941 Sydney, NSW. NOK Elaine Luther. Royal Australian Air Force, Flying Officer - 7 Sqn RAF","16 Dec 1943","Roy~Royes" "I973","Royes, Kenneth","17 Aug 1918","22 Nov 1941","","WW2: Army QX59960 enlisted Home Hill, QLD. NOK Gloria Royes. Discharged 15 Nov 1945: Private, 36 Battalion","11 Dec 1992","Roy~Royes" "I818","Roy, Angus Livingstone","18 Oct 1919","Between 26 Nov 1941 and 10 May 1946","","WW2: QX15920 enlisted Cairns, QLD. NOK Samuel Roy. Discharged 10 May 1946: Sergeant 2/5 Armoured Regiment","21 Jul 2006","Roy~Royes" "I4940","Smith, Albert Ernest","28 Dec 1917","3 Dec 1941","","WW2 QX34019 Enlisted Mareeba, QLD. 22 Jul 1945: 51st Battalion, served in Dutch New Guinea, Nauru, Rabaul NOK: Andrew Smith. Discharged 22 Jul 1946 Captain, 31/51 Australian Infantry Battalion","28 Apr 2004","Roy~Royes" "I637","Royes, Robert Henry","14 Jun 1923","8 Dec 1941","","WW2: Army Q146500 enlisted Annerley, QLD. NOK Bathurst Royes. Discharged 7 Oct 1942: Private, 1 Field Censor.","31 Oct 1944","Roy~Royes" "I2248","Cameron, Noel McLennan","7 Apr 1914","From 29 Dec 1941 to 10 Dec 1945","Sydney, NSW, Australia","WW2: 29 Dec 1941 Enlisted Chatswood (Sydney); Discharged 10 Dec 1945 as Sergeant NSW ECH & REC","30 Dec 1973","Roy~Royes" "I1322","Wiley, Samuel Russell AM","30 May 1915","6 Jan 1942","","WW2: Served Bougainville & New Guinea
QX29504 enlisted 9 Jan 1942 in Brisbane with location given as Mt Isa. NOK Allen Wiley (Should that be Len, his wife?) Discharged 24 Dec 1945. Rank Craftsman, Unit 126 Brigade Workshops","20 Nov 2012","Roy~Royes" "I3023","Luther, Eric Leslie","12 Sep 1916","18 Jan 1942","","WW2: N348111 enlisted Oberon, NSW. NOK Josephine Luther. Discharged 7 May 1943 Private VDC 23 BN PTD","2 Aug 2010","Roy~Royes" "I2172","Bogiatzis, Conway Nicholas","1 Nov 1922","22 Jan 1942","","WW2: Q112740 Townsville, QLD. NOK Helen Bogiatzis.
Discharged 28 Dec 1945 Private, 26th Australian Infantry Battalion","1 Oct 2007","Roy~Royes" "I1295","Weatherburn, John William","1 Aug 1907","Between 28 May 1942 and 21 Oct 1945","","WW2: Q219545 enlisted Cairns, QLD. NOK Ethel Weatherburn. Discharged 21 Oct 1945: Private, 17 Battalion, Volunteer Defence Corps.
From Service Record: Previous (to 28 May 1942) service with VDC Cairns. Address at time of enlistment Aumuller St, Cairns. Service records give information like: Had his appendix out 25 Dec 1933, broke his left clavicle 1910. He was 5 ft 7 in (170 cm) and weighed 166 lb (75 kg)","27 Jul 1959","Roy~Royes" "I832","Roy, John Maurice","8 Aug 1917","Between 16 Jun 1942 and 4 Feb 1946","Northam, WA, Australia","WW2: QX32802 enlisted Cairns, QLD. NOK Eleanor Roy. Served in Northam WA - A Squadron, (2/5 Armoured Regiment). Had compassionate leave from training in Gunnedah, NSW to return to Cairns for the birth of son George 1 Oct 1942. Discharged 4 Feb 1946 Lance Corporal 2/5 Armoured Regt","20 Feb 2010","Roy~Royes" "I943","Royes, Harold William","9 Jul 1916","4 Jul 1942","","WW2: Q213643 enlisted Mount Morgan, QLD. NOK Church (sic). Discharged 20 Jun 1945 Private, 13 Battalion VDC (Q) PTD","2 Nov 1976","Roy~Royes" "I254","Elias, Ernest Rupert","24 Sep 1918","25 Jul 1942","","WW2 VX102230 enlisted Albury, NSW. NOK Joseph Elias. Discharged 26 Apr 1946 Warrant Officer Class 2, 29/46 Australian Infantry Battalion","11 Dec 2005","Roy~Royes" "I892","Royes, Colin Edward","1 Aug 1920","20 Aug 1942","","WW2: QX33285 enlisted Rockhampton, QLD. NOK Clara Royes. Discharged 11 Dec 1945 Sergeant, 1 Aust Div Salvage Unit","22 Jun 1980","Roy~Royes" "I637","Royes, Robert Henry","14 Jun 1923","9 Oct 1942","","WW2: †KIA. RAAF 434018 enlisted Brisbane, QLD. NOK Bathurst Royes. KIA in ""flying battle"" over Germany 31 Oct 1944: Flight Sergeant, 460 Squadron","31 Oct 1944","Roy~Royes" "I2637","McArthur, Heather Olive","28 Aug 1919","Between 18 Nov 1942 and 24 Aug 1945","Ivanhoe, Melbourne, VIC, Australia","#WW2: WR/192. Enlisted Ivanhoe; Home Port/Port Division: Sydney, NSW; Rank: Assistant Writer; Discharged HMAS PENGUIN. NOK: Raymond Fleming (husband)","5 Mar 2018","Roy~Royes" "I703","Murphy, Jacqueline Ivy","13 Aug 1924","Between 2 Mar 1943 and 8 May 1846","","WW2: Australian Womens Army Service QF269556 enlisted Brisbane, QLD. NOK Gerald Murphy. Discharged 8 May 1946 Corporal","9 Feb 2006","Roy~Royes" "I6231","Fechner, Mabel Grace","15 Jun 1924","Between 4 Aug 1943 and 21 Feb 1946","","WW2: RAAF 101720 Aircraftswoman 3 Medical Rehabilitation Unit at discharge. Service record includes 3 STT (School of Technical Training), Ultimo, Sydney (1944)","23 May 2012","Roy~Royes" "I1304","Weiss, Nathaniel","26 Jun 1919","26 Aug 1943","","WW2: Australian Army QX57470 enlisted Cairns, QLD. NOK Agnes Weiss. Dischargedl 24 Dec 1945 Sergeant 31/51 AUST INF BN (AACC)","29 Aug 2009","Roy~Royes" "I362","Grumley, Alexander Joseph","23 Oct 1917","29 Sep 1943","","WW2: Army QX57865 enlisted Malanda, QLD. NOK E Grumley. Served at Morotai Island, Indonesia. Discharged 18 Feb 1946 Craftsman, 319 Light Aid Detachment","1 Aug 2016","Roy~Royes" "I1407","Hogan, Patrick Joseph","8 Sep 1927","1945","England","WW2: British Army: until 1952","4 Jun 1974","Roy~Royes" "I903","Royes, Doris Helen","13 Dec 1923","22 May 1945","","WW2: Army QFX63946 enlisted Mareeba, QLD. NOK H Royes. Discharged 15 Nov 1945 Private, AAMWS (AIF)","19 Mar 2018","Roy~Royes"