genealogy of the roy and royes families
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Report: Occupations: Doctors and surgeons

         Description: This report simply searches for the various medical terms in "Occupation"


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# Person ID Last Name, Given Name(s) Occupation
1 I3481  Bell, John Hougham  medical practitioner 
2 I403  Harris, F.M.   
3 I3250  Hogan, John Joseph  medical practitioner 
4 I1402  Yellowly, John  medical practitioner 
5 I3877  Royes, J.C.   
6 I3479  Bell, Hutchinson Royes  surgeon 
7 I2217  Hougham, Henry  Surgeon 
8 I3227  Royes, Solomon Hougham  Surgeon 
9 I585  Smith, Henry  surgeon 
10 I3876  Royes, C.A.   
11 I3345  Harrington, B.