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Report: Places and life events

         Description: Gives the total births, deaths, interments and marriages for each place in royroyes tree

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# Place Type count(*)
2001 Waterford, Co Waterford, Ireland  deaths 
2002 Waterford, Co Waterford, Ireland  marriages 
2003 Watney Street, London, England  marriages 
2004 Wauchope Wolfram Mining Fields, NT, Australia  births 
2005 Wauchope, NSW, Australia  deaths 
2006 Wavering, Kent, England  births 
2007 Waverley, Sydney, NSW, Australia  births 
2008 Waverley, Sydney, NSW, Australia  deaths 
2009 Wayland, Norfolk, England  births 
2010 Wayland, Norfolk, England  deaths 
2011 Wealondangie, Springsure, QLD, Australia  births 
2012 Weddington, Ash, Kent, England  births 
2013 Weddington, Ash, Kent, England  deaths 
2014 Wellingrove, NSW, Australia  births 
2015 Wellington, New Zealand  births 
2016 Wellington, New Zealand  deaths 
2017 Wellington, New Zealand  interments 
2018 Wenden, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany  births 
2019 Wendron, Cornwall, England  births 
2020 Wendron, Cornwall, England  marriages 
2021 Wenvell, Kent, England  births 
2022 Werdort  births 
2023 Werribee, Melbourne, VIC, Australia  marriages 
2024 Wessex, England  births  12 
2025 Wessex, England  deaths 
2026 Wessex, England  marriages 
2027 West Bromwich  births 
2028 West Cheshire, Cheshire, England  marriages 
2029 West Derby, Lancashire, England  marriages 
2030 West End Cemetery, Townsville, QLD, Australia  interments 
2031 West End, Townsville, QLD, Australia  deaths 
2032 West Ham, Essex, England  deaths 
2033 West Maitland, NSW, Australia  births 
2034 West Norwood Cemetery, West Norwood, London, England  interments 
2035 Westmeath, Co Westmeath, Ireland  births 
2036 Westminster Abbey, London, England  interments 
2037 Westminster Abbey, Westminster, London, England  interments 
2038 Westminster, London, England  births 
2039 Westminster, London, England  deaths 
2040 Westminster, London, England  marriages 
2041 Wetzlar, Hesse, Germany  births 
2042 Wetzlar, Hesse, Germany  deaths 
2043 Wetzlar, Hesse, Germany  marriages 
2044 Wetzler, Gingkin, NSW  births 
2045 Wetzler, Gingkin, NSW, Australia  births 
2046 Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand  births 
2047 Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand  marriages 
2048 Wherwell, Hampshire, England  deaths 
2049 Whetenhall, Kent, England  births 
2050 White Cliffs, Hughenden, QLD, Australia  deaths 
2051 White Cliffs, Hughenden, QLD, Australia  interments 
2052 White Rock, NSW, Australia  births 
2053 Whiteabbey, Belfast, Northern Ireland  marriages 
2054 Whitechapel, London, England  births 
2055 Whitehead, Co Antrim, Northern Ireland  deaths 
2056 Whitehead, Co Antrim, Northern Ireland  marriages 
2057 Whittingham, NSW, Australia  births 
2058 Whittingham, NSW, Australia  marriages 
2059 Whyalla, SA, Australia  births 
2060 Wickhambreaux, Kent, England  births 
2061 Wickhambreaux, Kent, England  marriages 
2062 Wickhambreux, Kent, England  interments 
2063 Wilberforce, NSW, Australia  deaths 
2064 Williamsfield, Manchester, Jamaica  marriages 
2065 Williamstown, Melbourne, VIC, Australia  deaths 
2066 Williamstown, Melbourne, VIC, Australia  marriages 
2067 Willoughby, Sydney, NSW, Australia  deaths 
2068 Wiltshire, England  interments 
2069 Wimborne, Dorset, England  interments 
2070 Winchester Cathedral, Winchester, Hampshire, England  interments 
2071 Winchester, England  births 
2072 Winchester, Hampshire, England  births 
2073 Winchester, Hampshire, England  deaths 
2074 Winchester, Hampshire, England  interments 
2075 Winchester, Wessex, England  deaths 
2076 Windsor Castle, Berkshire, England  births 
2077 Windsor Castle, Berkshire, England  interments 
2078 Windsor, Berkshire, England  deaths 
2079 Windsor, Brisbane, QLD, Australia  births 
2080 Windsor, NSW, Australia  births 
2081 Windsor, NSW, Australia  deaths 
2082 Windsor, NSW, Australia  marriages 
2083 Windsor, St Ann, Jamaica  births 
2084 Windsor, St Ann, Jamaica  deaths 
2085 Windsor, Windsor & Maidenhead, England  marriages 
2086 Wingham, Kent, England  births 
2087 Wingham, Kent, England  deaths 
2088 Wingham, Kent, England  marriages 
2089 Wisemans Ferry, NSW, Australia  deaths 
2090 Wisemans Ferry, NSW, Australia  marriages 
2091 Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England  births 
2092 Wodonga, VIC, Australia  births 
2093 Wokingham, Berkshire, England  marriages 
2094 Wollert, VIC, Australia  deaths 
2095 Wollombi General Cemetery, Cessnock City, NSW, Australia  interments 
2096 Wollombi, NSW, Australia  births 
2097 Wollombi, NSW, Australia  deaths 
2098 Wollombi, NSW, Australia  interments 
2099 Wollongong, NSW, Australia  births 
2100 Wollongong, NSW, Australia  marriages 
2101 Woodburn, Co Antrim, Northern Ireland  births 
2102 Woodstock, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa  marriages 
2103 Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England  births 
2104 Woolgoolga, NSW, Australia  deaths 
2105 Woolwich  births 
2106 Woongarra Crematorium, Julago, Townsville, QLD, Australia  interments 
2107 Wooroolah, QLD, Australia  deaths 
2108 Worcester Cathedral, Worcester, England  interments 
2109 Worcestershire, England  births 
2110 Woronora Lawn Cemetery, Sutherland, Sydney, NSW, Australia  interments 
2111 Worthing, West Sussex, England  interments 
2112 Wye, Kent, England  deaths 
2113 Wye, Kent, England  interments 
2114 Wyong, NSW, Australia  deaths 
2115 Yango Creek, Wollombi, NSW, Australia  deaths 
2116 Yarramalong, NSW, Australia  deaths 
2117 Yarramalong, NSW, Australia  interments 
2118 Yarrowyck, NSW, Australia  births 
2119 Yarrowyck, NSW, Australia  deaths 
2120 Yarrowyck, NSW, Australia  interments 
2121 Yarrowyck, NSW, Australia  marriages 
2122 Yeovil, Somerset, England  marriages 
2123 Yeppoon, QLD, Australia  births 
2124 Yeppoon, QLD, Australia  deaths 
2125 Yeppoon, QLD, Australia  interments 
2126 Yetholm, Roxburgh, Scotland  marriages 
2127 York Castle, Pedro, St Ann, Jamaica  marriages 
2128 Yorkshire, England  deaths 
2129 Zonnebeke, West Flanders (West-Vlaanderen), Belgium  interments 
2130 Zurich, Switzerland  marriages 

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