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Correspondence re: Gill

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  • Title Correspondence re: Gill 
    Short Title Gill Correspondence 
    Author Susan Hora 
    Source ID S380 
    Text Georgiana Martha KING was my great-great-aunt, being the sister of Elizabeth KING, my great-grandmother, who married my great-grandfather, Henry Whinfield HORA, in 1850. Georgiana and Elizabeth were the daughters of Rev. George KING, Congregationalist Minister of Islington, and his wife Martha CHAPMAN. I am therefore also related to the descendants of Walter and Georgiana, including Walter Royes de Hougham GILL. I have Rev. George KING's family Bible.
    I also have a letter dated 1914, sent by Walter and Georgiana GILL's daughter, Georgiana Martha GILL, junior, to her aunt Elizabeth (my great-grandmother)in which she says "The Walter Gills are flourishing, Royes is now the happy father of 2 daughters and is living at Lowestoft." These 2 daughters would be Eveline Alice and Diana Royes, born 1912 and 1913, to Royes and Eva Le Fleming ENSOR. Georgiana also says "My dear sister Katie is still a sad invalid" - this would be her half-sister, Mary Catherine GILL (daughter of Mary QUICK), who died 1920. Georgiana also mentions Royes' sisters, Ida (Mary Ida GILL), and Vera (Alice Vera GILL), and "Mrs. Fulford and Janie".
    Mrs. Fulford was Emma Sarah GILL who first married John William SHERRIFF (died 1891), then Robert Medley FULFORD.
    Janie was Jane Taylor GILL ("Deaf and dumb from birth", like her brother Walter George).
    Walter George's wife, Alice Mary Turner Bravo, was alive on the 1911 Census, "Deaf and dumb from age 5").
    Georgiana also mentions "cousin Fred" - this was my grandfather, Frederick Rudolph Hay HORA, one of the 6 sons (there were also 3 daughters) of Henry Whinfield HORA and Elizabeth KING.
    Georgiana signs her letter "Your loving Niece, Georgie M. ALKEN". Georgiana Martha GILL first married Charles IRVING (died 1889), then Rev. Henry Seffrien ALKEN. 
    Linked to Georgiana Martha Gill
    Mary Catherine Gill
    Family: Walter Royes de Hougham Gill / Eva le Fleming Ensor